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Tell All Your BFFs: Like, Major Band Hero Dilemma!
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Tell All Your BFFs: Like, Major Band Hero Dilemma!

From the darkest depths of the internet, we bring you this startling insight into the minds of today's youth.

Begin chat transcript.

TaylorFan4Evah: r u buying band hero?

Sparkles14: omg ya of course it has Taylor! why wouldn't I buy it? you can meet her if you buy lol

TaylorFan4Evah: MEET HER?  how?

Sparkles14: just buy the game and enter a code u can go backstage and meet her i think i would die shes so awesome

TaylorFan4Evah: i know right? but what about gwen stefani she's all mad at band hero or something

Sparkles14: no way why is gwen mad she aint no hollaback girl

TaylorFan4Evah: like they didnt tell her she would be singing other songs besides no doubts and hers srsly how lame is that

Sparkles14: so lame! kinda like that old dead guy who used to be in the foo fighter's wife didnt she get mad too?

TaylorFan4Evah: ya i dunno i think it would rock to see taylor sing gwens songs in the game they are both so totally awesome!1!

Sparkles14: ya totally omg nick from algebra is callin me gtg

TaylorFan4Evah: u go girl! night

Transcript ends.