Patapon 2

  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
March To The Beat Of Co-Op In Patapon 2!
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March To The Beat Of Co-Op In Patapon 2!

PSP owners have probably heard of the quirky rhythm/RTS/puzzler/whatever Patapon.  As you can tell from the above screenshot, it's a rather... unique game.  Gameplay is rhythm based, and by giving your little dudes different orders with your drums, they act differently.  It's hard to explain, for sure.  In any event, a sequel to Patapon has just been announced, as you can read at 1Up.  Of note to Co-Optimus readers is the inclusion of co-op multiplayer!

The idea behind the co-op multiplayer mode is simple. In Patapon 2's single-player story mode, you'll occasionally come across giant eggs -- some of which contain helpful items, some of which hold smaller eggs inside. In order to hatch these suckers, you'll have to team up with other players and navigate a special enemy-laden multiplayer battleground, using the traditional pata-pata-pata-pon drumbeat to heft the egg forward and defending it whenever monsters loom nearby. Once you arrive at the special egg-hatching altar at the end of the field, all four players will perform a hatching ceremony, a sort of tribal drumline where everyone has to match their rhythms together to crack open the egg.

If that quote made little or no sense to you, don't feel bad.  I watched my son play the game and still don't have much of a clue, myself.  However, co-op is always good, and the first game was well reviewed.  Patapon 2 hits Japan this winter, and though no actual release date for other areas has been announced, we'll keep you posted!