Clash of the Titans

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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New Clash of the Titans Trailer
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New Clash of the Titans Trailer

Demi God versus Griffin, Who Wins? You Decide 

With the new Clash of the Titans film cashing in over $60 million in the US box office in its first weekend, publishers of the tie in computer game, Bandai Namco, have released a new trailer to ride the wave of success.  The game won't be released until the summer, and by that time the film may be a distant memory.  However, with 2 player co-op throughout it could be worth looking out for.  Little is known about the game and unfortunately, the small amount of in game footage in the trailer is not that enlightening either.  For details of what we do know, check out Co-Optimus' original news item, and for the new trailer click Read More ...