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Borderlands: Bring Claptrap Home Soon
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Borderlands: Bring Claptrap Home Soon

In a recent interview with Claptrap, we discover the lovable dancing robot from Borderlands will be making a grand entrance as an action figure of sorts. got the scoop, and NECA is building us a Claptrap. In the interview Claptrap discusses some of the greatness of being an action figure, features this toy will be endowed, and the pros and cons of playing with children.

First, a quick highlight of the hilarious interview. This was my favorite question and answer. We're told that the Claptrap action figure even talks! Can fans expect to hear any of your def beatboxing?

Clap-Trap: Who am I to refuse the wants and desires of my adoring fans? Never in a thousand years could I be that cruel!! But alas, it will be nigh-impossible to include ALL my best lines because there are just too many to choose from. So, I guess I am despicable after all... cruel because there's only so much I can give.

So, the figure looks great in its prototype stage, it can talk, has some articulation so it can boogie, and we're excited to see if we can get our hands on multiple styles of Claptrap so they can work together! I don't know exactly what they'd be doing, but it would be cooperative. Except maybe the crazy one from Zombie Island DLC - I doubt he'd be very co-op, but I'd love him all the same.