Madballs in...Babo: Invasion

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
  • + Co-Op Modes
Steam Free-Game Co-op Saturday Night: Madballs
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Steam Free-Game Co-op Saturday Night: Madballs

Tonight is your Splinter Cell: Conviction Co-op night. Tactical stealthy Sam Fisher gets his night with a buddy, and so do you. A few of us are stuck waiting on a shipment of our copy of the game, so we're left out. Never fear, we get a second chance to play together and it's free-er.

Saturday (April 17th) Co-optimus and the brilliant minds over at Playbrains will be celebrating their first Free weekend on Steam with Madballs in...Babo: Invasion. Saturday starting at about 7pm EST several of your Co-opticrew (myself included) will be on our Steam Group waiting for co-op buddies. We'll play through a few levels of the campaign or survival mode, and encourage others to join up together as well.

We've got 11 Devil's Night skin packs to give away for this occasion to participants, which will be handed out somewhat randomly to those that stick around for a few levels. Here are the rules:

1) Join our very Co-op Steam Group, which will allow you to RSVP to the event.

2) Play some Madballs co-op either in the Chompii survival mode, or the B-D-I or Scorched campaigns with anyone else who is doing the same.

That's really all there is to it, and Madballs is free this weekend on Steam so there's really no excuse not to play. Check out additional information, and we thank our buddies at Playbrains for playing with us!