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Halo 2 Refuses to Go Quietly
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Halo 2 Refuses to Go Quietly

So very lonely

When news that Microsoft had finally pulled the plug on the original Xbox's Online Support, I shed a few tears.  Perhaps if I had not been so busy blubbing, I would have noticed that some extreme Halo 2 fans are refusing to let their favorite game go without a fight. contains an interesting forum discussion by gamers who have not switched off their original Xboxes since the support expired.  This means that these dedicated few, 12 at the time of writing, are still able to play the game online.  They plan to continue this adventure until they are either forcibly removed, or their Xbox's expire through other means.

As fans of deranged co-op acts, we at Co-Optimus salute the Halo 2 Few.  If you are a member of the Bungie forums, why not pop on and show them your support (of give them handy hints on how to stop their consoles from overheating).  For those of you still hankering for some Halo action, don't forget that the Halo: Reach Beta is coming in early May and to check out Co-Optimus regularly for all the news on this co-op behemoth.