Perfect Dark HD

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
Rare Update Makes Perfect Dark
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Rare Update Makes Perfect Dark

I'm going to enjoy seeing the Twitter responses when this post gets auto-tweeted to the Co-Optimus followers. Most confusing headline ever? May be.

Perfect Dark  - the hi-def rehash available on the Xbox Live Arcade, anyway - received a title update, as detailed by developer Rare. Among the changes are additional control options, weapons and gadgets tweaks, and even fixed the rough lag during online co-op play. The patch is available now; keep reading to check out the rest of the list.


  • Legacy controls
  • Southpaw (left-handed) controls
  • Swap Triggers control option
  • Lock Sight control option
  • Precision Aim sensitivity tuning
  • Hardcore (No Radar, No Auto-Aim, No Highlights, Combat only) matchmaking playlist
  • Gamma (brightness) option
  • Secondary Fire Reset option in Combat Simulator
  • Quick Menu select using either Left or Right stick
  • Player Handicap reinstated in local multiplayer
  • Client player progress recorded in Live Co-Op game
  • Progress recorded for all primary players (main player on each console) in Live Challenges
  • Counter-Op progress recorded for both players if Jo player successfully completes the level
  • Achievement fixes including 'Tools of the Trade' (anyone who's earned but not received it will now do so), ‘Who Needs Enemies’ (awarded to Counter-Op player after a full mission's progress), ‘How's That For Starters?’ (awarded to Counter-Op player if Jo player completes first level)
  • Increased duration of explosions to better match the N64 experience
  • Laptop Gun sentry mode performance adjusted to match the N64 experience