Get Small with Two Xbox Live Arcade Deals
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Get Small with Two Xbox Live Arcade Deals

The Xbox Live Arcade Deal of the Week comes to the rescue of anyone needing a good co-op fix! Among Avatar props and other Arcade and Indie games are Madballs in...Babo: Invasion and Band of Bugs, two great co-op games sure to makeany Co-Optimer feel right at home rolling and skittering around as bug-sized characters. You can snag each one for 400 MS Points each - a 50% savings!

Both games were reviewed by Kat, creator of our On the Download column. Her continued coverage of Madballs is reflected in the review, and she gave Band of Bugs high marks despite its limited co-op options. Do yourself a favor: check out the demos for both games this week, and - if you so choose - take advantage of the special prices while they're available.


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