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Donkey Kong Beats Mario, As Far As Co-Op Is Concerned?
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Donkey Kong Beats Mario, As Far As Co-Op Is Concerned?

Thos of you who are longtime readers might remember my review of New Super Mario Bros. Wii last fall.  To summarize, I felt the multiplayer was chaotic and messy, though fun at times, and it didn't feel very cooperative to me at all.  I still stand by that review, though others obviously feel differently.  Apparently, I'm not alone in my assessment of that title: Kotaku's Stephen Totilo mentions many of the same issues.

Why are we discussing a months-old game?  Totilo compares the co-op of NSMBW to that of Donkey Kong Country Returns.

It went better than my first co-op Mario Bros. gaming last year.

He goes on the detail the cooperative elements that make Diddy and Donkey such a great team.  Wildy differing abilities, working together to overcome obstacles... it's all in there.  The original games in the series weren't the best examples of co-op, but that may all change when DK comes back later this year.  Perhaps, after all these years, Donkey Kong will beat Mario at last, in a manner of speaking.