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Trine Goes 3D, Adds Free DLC Level
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Trine Goes 3D, Adds Free DLC Level

How appropriate that a game based on using three unique heroes would naturally want to take the leap into the third dimension!  A new patch has been released for the PC version of Trine.  Lucky owners of the Nvidia 3D Vision setup will now be able to slash, levitate, and grapple their way through all manner of puzzling obstacles in three dimensional glory.  I'm not a huge fan of the whole 3D renaissance, but certainly the lovely graphics of Trine would be good candidates for such treatment.

But fear not: a bonus for those of us who are not 3D enabled is included.  It comes in the form of a free DLC level, entitled "Path to New Dawn".  This level will become available after the game is completed.  Could this level be a prologue of sorts to Trine 2