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  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
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The Halo Reach Countdown Begins Now as Co-Optimus Joins Invasion Week
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The Halo Reach Countdown Begins Now as Co-Optimus Joins Invasion Week

It's hard to believe, but Halo Reach is only a week away.  Millions of gamers will be getting their copies of the prequel to the one of the biggest selling and most popular video game trilogies of all time on September 14th, 2010.  Many places are having a midnight launch - including two special launches in New York City at Best Buy in Times Square and in Seattle at the Experience Music Project near the Space Needle.  

Kicking off the festivities today is a brand new 5 webisode series from Jeff and Lester - two character's made famous by NBC's Chuck.  The webisode follows their exploits as they try to obtain a copy of Halo Reach while running from the law for blowing up the Buy More.  You can watch the first episode by heading to TheWB.com.

Following the game's launch gamers will be able to have access to prizes, free themes, and several events in what's called "Invasion Week" on Xbox Live.

Invasion Week Activities & Programs:

  • Connect to Xbox LIVE and receive a free “Halo: Reach” Invasion Week theme
  • Game with Developer: Bungie will play with fans on Thursday, 16th from 5PM-7PM ET in the US, and Friday the 17th 8PM-10PM BST in the UK.
  • Play & Win: Play "Halo: Reach" any time during Invasion Week and you will be entered to win tickets to the upcoming UFC 122 Fight*
  • Community Events: Themed nights hosted by the community team to play “Halo: Reach,” including  “Co-op Night,” “Xbox All Nighter” and "Community Playdate"

Notice something...bold? That's right, Co-Optimus will be hosting a special co-op night during Reach's first week on the market. Details will be posted soon.

Seven days folks...seven days.  If you haven't pre-ordered Amazon still has the $20 video game credit deal running.  You can use the widget below to order your Halo goods and support Co-Optimus!


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