Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

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Co-optimus Community Voice Reminder, The Perfect Game...For You!
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Co-optimus Community Voice Reminder, The Perfect Game...For You!

Hello co-op peoples, this is your friendly neighborhood reminder that you can land your awesome writing on the front page (and RSS feeds) of Co-optimus.com simply by writing a blog. We've already got two great entries, which will be promoted (full text and images on the front page!) next weekend. You've still got time to get your writing up on the big screen, so hit up the official Co-optimus Community Voice post to see what's what.

Then check out:

The Perfect Game for Zonf

The Perfect Game for Treadstone71

Entering is easy! All you have to do is write a blog about the game that was simply made for you. Title it "CCV The Perfect Game...For Me:" and the title of the game. Keep profanity and vulgar content to a minimum for our family-friendly content, and we'll make sure to read your stuff. If it's solid, formatted, grammar correct, and has pretty pictures, you may see yourself on the front page during some weekend.

Also, the theme changes each month, so if this one doesn't really fit your writing style - just wait and see what the Co-optimus staff comes up with next month!