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Get a Free Nights Rental at RedBox This Week
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Get a Free Nights Rental at RedBox This Week

It was only last summer we showed you the process of renting games from a RedBox kiosk.  Hopefully a few of you have gone out and given it a try - it's a good way to check out a game for a relatively cheap fee on a whim.  If you haven't actually done it, perhaps this week you will.  Why?  They're offering one night's free rental.

From February 26th until March 1st you can get the first night's rental free at RedBox kiosks, with subsequent nights costing you the normal $2 rental fee.  To get the free rental, video games must be reserved online, with a credit card to cover any payment past the initial day.  If you return the game in time, then there's no charge to you.

As we showed in our article, you can use the RedBox website or the iPhone/Android app to check availability and place the reservation.  Right now it looks as if there's a few newer co-op titles including The Darkness II, Twisted Metal, and Saints Row The Third.  Of course...if you do want to check out the co-op in most of those games you'll need the vaunted online pass.  

Source: Moneyland.time.com