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Co-Optimus Community Voice for Week 3, September 2010
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Co-Optimus Community Voice for Week 3, September 2010

Co-Optimus Community Voice is a new feature we launched here on Co-Optimus this month.  The goal is to get you guys writing and contributing blogs about a special topic.  Each month we'll pick a topic for you to write about and every week we'll look for the best ones to feature on the front page.  At least - that was the initial goal.  CCV is going to evolve over time - and in the next few weeks you'll be seeing something special from it.  We want the feature to not only focus on the blogs, but on the community as a whole.  There's a lot of great stuff happening all over the site from our forums, in our match making, and even by user email.  So keep and eye out.

Here's some of the blogs from this past week that caught our eye for CCV: The Perfect Game for Me...

CCV The Perfect game for Zonf86...Braid

When pinned down with the question – “What do you think is the best game ever?” – a gamer will most commonly refer to Ocarina of Time, Mario 64, Sonic the Hedgehog or Bioshock (and of course others). These are, and will forever be, the classic games… the genre changing games… the best games. I may be setting myself up for some backlash here, but I don’t care – I am proud to say that I believe Braid to be the best game made to date.

The concept of the game is fairly simple, and very much in line with what many of us would consider a ‘classic’ 2D platformer, such as Super Mario. The story follows a young chap called Tim’s attempt at rescuing a princess – sound familiar?

CCV The Perfect game for Treadstone71...Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

For me, Vampire Bloodlines was that game. I love first person shooters. I love RPG's. And mostly I love guns. Throw vampires into the mix and it's just a bonus. Bloodlines gave me all four of those in one seriously terrific heaping helping with just a ton of atmosphere thrown in to boot. It will always stand out for me as the single greatest game I've ever played.

It's rather ironic because I bought the game three years after it came out - long after Troika studios went belly up. I got it because it was a $9.99 bargain bin purchase. I figured, what the hey, for 10 bucks, even if it sucks, I'm not out much. Best 10 bucks I ever spent...