The New PlayStation 4 Trailer Gets Technical
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The New PlayStation 4 Trailer Gets Technical

Time to get your tech geek on

November, is such a gentle and pleasant month.  What, the PlayStation 4 is being launched on the 15th November, why did no one tell me?!?  Aggghhhhhhh, I need information on exactly what technical specifications the console will have.  Thankfully, Sony have catered for my every need in this new video.

Console launches, as such, are not co-op, but the games we play on them are.  Without gaming platforms there can be no Knack, Tiny Brains or Warframe.  The new generation will delve into new realms of co-op; as single player and co-operative gaming begin to merge seamlessly.  

To achieve this gaming utopia, you are going to need a console with a bit of grunt.  Enter the PS4 trailer to tell us exactly what we will get for our $399/£349/EUR399: 

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