Sling Some Spells as Magic: the Gathering Hits XBLA
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Sling Some Spells as Magic: the Gathering Hits XBLA

It's confession time, folks.  I am a Magic: the Gathering nerd.  I started playing the collectable card game two months after its creation, and upon my first game, I was hooked.  I got so addicted I dropped college hours to devote more time to playing.  I was invited to the Pro Tour, once, even.  I don't play "Paper" Magic much anymore, but I've played the Online version regularly.  I find myself, then, trying to figure out if the news of Magic: the Gathering hitting XBLA is good news, or bad.  It's good, in the sense that it looks fantastic, and will surely draw many more people to the game.  It's bad in that I just might get hooked all over again!  Duels of the Planeswalkers is scheduled for release in Spring 2009.  How is this co-op news?  You can partner up with a buddy, sharing life points in the "Two Headed Giant" style of play.  Needless to say, I and many other lapsed Magic junkies will be following this title very closely in coming months!

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