Guitar Hero is Not Dead Yet, Thanks to You!
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Guitar Hero is Not Dead Yet, Thanks to You!

Thanks to massive fan support, (or an overwhelming desire to cash in) DLC for the Guitar Hero franchise is not quite dead yet.  We previously reported that Activision had dissolved their Guitar Hero division in response to the poor performance of music games in general.   New DLC was no longer going to be available after February.  It seems that pumping out a new game every couple of months has repercussions when considering the rule of supply and demand.  (When's that new Call of Duty game coming out again?)

After an outpouring of support, the Guitar Hero Facebook page had this news for the franchise's 3,000,000+ fans:

Thank you for being a part of this community and all 3 MILLION of you rock! \m/ \m/ In thanks for your continued support, we've decided to celebrate by releasing some more downloadable content. Details coming soon...

The DJ Hero Twitter feed showed signs of life as well:

Thanks for being a member of our community. In recognition of your continued support, we've decided to release more DLC! Details soon!

What does this mean for the struggling music game genre?  It probably means someone found a way to make more money.  We don't know how much or how long DLC will be supported, but we'll have the news for you when it's time to get your living room band back together.


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