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Killing Floor

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The Killing Floor Gets More Free Content
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The Killing Floor Gets More Free Content

The killer PC game where you and your friends face off against hordes of undead is getting some new characters in a free DLC pack. The Killing Floor has just unveiled a brand new DLC pack loaded with fire. The "Incindiary Content Pack" offers a few new burning details before its free download goes active on Steam. All users that already own The Killing Floor will receive The Incindiary Content Pack automatically. Those who don't own the game yet - get on it. This stuff is killer.

The free Incendiary Content Pack gives a big boost to the Firebug perk in the form of a brand new weapon – the MAC-10. This submachine gun not only packs a punch with a high rate of fire and .45 caliber rounds, but for the Firebug will also fire incendiary ammo that will make his enemies do the fire dance. With this the Firebug now has his own personal close-range weapon. Also included in the content pack are four new maps that were selected from the best maps entered in the Grindhouse map making competition. These maps have been given the “Tripwire Treatment” and have been polished up and made official. And to celebrate the release Tripwire will be offering a 50% discount on Killing Floor and the existing DLC character packs through Sunday 10th October 2010. Highlights of the content pack include:

  • Four new maps – Hospital Horrors, Biohazard, Mountain Pass, and Suburbia
  • New Firebug weapon – the MAC-10 firing incendiary rounds
  • New money system – money now rewarded based on % of damage dealt rather than who gets the final shot, no more kill poaching for money!
  • Balance changes for several perks including the Sharpshooter, Commando, and Demolition perks
  • Bug and map exploit fixes