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Whatever Happened to Split-Screen Co-Op?
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Whatever Happened to Split-Screen Co-Op?

Remember when co-op meant split screen, by default?  Way back in the stone age, when folks were sending smoke signals to communicate, playing co-op meant playing in split screen.  Classics like Goldeneye 64 (pictured above) used this method to great effect.  We love online co-op just as much as the next guy (actually, we probably love it a whole lot more), but it's worrisome that many games are abandoning split screen local co-op in favor of online only.  This interesting post over at Kwanzoo laments the loss of split screen for many of today's best co-op games.  But what current game really gets it right?

The best game as far as the online and offline functionality goes has to be Halo 3. The game can be played co-operatively online and offline through the entire story. Also, the game has split-screen multiplayer for online play, such that four players in the same room can go up against other players in online multiplayer matches.

It's hard to argue with that point.  That's really the best of both worlds, local co-op, plus online co-op, all at the same time.  If only titles like Too Human and Mercs 2 had split screen!  Imagine the fun of killing stuff at astronomical rates with a buddy right next to you on the couch.  Is it possible that split-screen local co-op isn't featured to get folks to buy more copies of the game so they can play with their friends?  Who knows, but let's hope this trend doesn't continue.