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Hoard Patch Coming Soon, Details Listed
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Hoard Patch Coming Soon, Details Listed

PSN users have been as fond of their Hoard as dragons are fond of their treasures. As a community friendly group of people, the developers have been listening to your problems and are prepared to make a few tweaks for our gaming benefit. They say they want to create the strongest experience possible, and when you've got dragons involved - that's saying a lot.

Some of the items you can look forward to seeing improved:

--Text size: increased dialog text display size on 720p and 1080p displays. We have heard your comments, and are fixing this!! :)
--Restart option: this will be integrated into the pause menu and on the game over screen, to better help you play the same level again and again and again ;)
--Persistent multiplayer lobby: after you finish a multiplayer game, you won't get dumped back to the main menu. This will make it easier to play with the same group repeatedly.
--New map: we are also throwing in a new HOARD mode map, for your fire-breathing enjoyment!
--and more!

More details soon, but rest assured that HOARD's awesomeness will be even better after we polish up a couple of these issues.

The team also lets us know that there is some (free) DLC on the way, but there aren't any details about that just yet. They do say they plan on supporting Hoard for a long time, so make sure you let them know what you want to see with the title to make it the best (co-op) experience around.