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Naughty Bear Stuffed with new Co-Op DLC
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Naughty Bear Stuffed with new Co-Op DLC

Household carpentry - Naughty Bear style

Co-Optimus jumps for joy when a single player game announces new DLC that will add a co-op mode.  Surely this is an indication that the wider gaming community demands co-op elements in their games, even after the game has hit the shelves?  Perhaps your enthusiasm will wane on discovering said game is the ill received Naughty Bear.

It takes all sorts of games to make the world go round, and in this case a world full of psychopathic bears trying to kill one another.  However, the killing can stop as the new Chapter 10 DLC for the game introduces a 4 player co-op mode called Left 4 Ted: Zombear Horde!!!!  You read that correctly (exclamation marks included).

This new mode sees you and three other giant bears trying to stay alive as long as possible against an increasingly difficult army of undead Zombears.  The fact that teddy bears are inanimate objects, and therefore undead by their very nature, does not factor into the reasoning behind the DLC.  Naughty Bear is a tongue in cheek game so lampooning the recent spate of Zombie games may just work.  See for yourself with the trailer just after Read More.