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Our Weekend in Gaming - The Sixteen Game Buffet Edition
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Our Weekend in Gaming - The Sixteen Game Buffet Edition

The Co-Opticrew definese variety this weekend as there's no less than sixteen different titles on the gameplay buffet.  What may start as an unlimited and unhealthy dose of an MMORPG like Rift may end with the desert of a popcorn like first person shooter in Bulletstorm.  Of course titles like Dead Space 2, Dragon Age and Killzone 3 are perfect fits for the main course.  Whatever gets played, our staff is sure to be stuffed with gaming as February winds down.

Nick "bapenguin" Puleo - "Killzone 3, Bulletstorm and Dragon Age Origins will grace my gaming goodness this weekend."

Marc "DjinniMan" Allie - "I'm really enjoying "pass the controller co-op" in Marvel Vs. Capcom with my son, so we'll keep that up.  Other than that, I'm feeling the need to go back and replay Starcraft 2's campaign again."

Mike "pheriannath" Katsufrakis - "I'll be shootin' and dodgin' to my heart's content in Hard Corps: Uprising, and hopefully finishing off Dead Space 2 (in time for some sweet, sweet DLC)."

Katrina "Shadokat Regn" Pawlowski - "I'm really getting in to Ghost Trick on my DS, and of course when I find time Red Dead Redemption is still on the menu."

Sam "Samoza" Tyler - "I hope to pick up the adventure game Gray Matter and continue fighting the good fight in Albion (Fable III)."

Andrew "Cubninja" Gaskill - "My forecast calls for Bulletstorm with a chance of DCUO."

Tally "xelissa" Callahan - "RIFT Head-start this weekend will probably eat all of the gaming time I have."

Jim "txshurricane" McLaughlin - ""I plan to open my mind this weekend to something new. Either Mass Effect, Resident Evil 5, or Borderlands."

Jason "Origami Panther" Love - "More portable gaming for me this weekend as I fully tackle Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together."

What are your gaming plans?