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Left 4 Dead 2 Plushies Are Disturbingly Adorable
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Left 4 Dead 2 Plushies Are Disturbingly Adorable

Are you a Left 4 Dead 2 addict?  Do you scoff at those who don't play in Realism mode, because seeing where your teammates are is for newbs?  Do you handicap yourself by using just the pistol and shove attacks?  Perhaps you even dream of zombie killing at night.  Well, for you hardcore undead re-murderers, Valve has just the thing for you, so you won't be far from your favorite special Infected even when you are tucked snug in your bed.

Among the new items in the Valve store are three plush toys based on the Tank, Boomer, and Hunter zombies from Left 4 Dead 2.  Look at that adorable hunter!  His hoodie is charming and he'd ready to hug!  And that tubby lil' Boomer is about ready to burst with cuteness!  These two, and the adorable Tank plushie, run around $30 or so.  They kind of make me wish there was an animated Left 4 Dead cartoon starring these adorable things.  But I bet Francis wouldn't like it.


Source: Store.valvesoftware.com