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Alien Breed Remake Coming from Team 17
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Alien Breed Remake Coming from Team 17

Remember Alien Breed for the Amiga?  It was a top down shooter similar to Smash TV or Gauntlet, but had a feel of a game like Doom.  The best part was the co-op action as you and a buddy fought through seemingly endless alien hordes; sometimes blowing up an entire level before making it to the elevator just in time.  The game was created by Team 17 of Worms fame, and it looks to be set for a remake as a downloadable title.

In fact, according to Joystiq, Team 17 Studio Head Martyn Brown has said the new version of the game will have "a budget far in excess of anything that has been spent anywhere on a digital title to date."  Sounds good to me.  But when does it come out?  According to Brown - within the next 12 months.