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Little Big Planet Launches October 21st - SackBoy in Space
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Little Big Planet Launches October 21st - SackBoy in Space

The fine folks over at the Official PlayStation Blog have brought word that the 4 player co-op game Little Big Planet has GONE GOLD and will be available on North American shelves October 21st.  The game will be available in the rest of the world on the 24th of October.  To celebrate the launch, fans will be able to download a free SackBoy SpaceMan model (pictured above) and a "I was there" t-shirt for their game during the first week. 

According to the official site the game will feature 50 levels of play out of the box, and the "most intuitive and powerful content creation tools" available on any console to create your own levels.  The folks at MediaMolecule really think they have something on their hands, as they tell us to "get ready to change gaming forever." 

It remains to be seen how much game is actually here, or whether or not it's simply a giant sandbox.  I'm sure either way we'll be having a blast with your friends online.