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"Make Your Own Sackboy" Contest Announced for LittleBigPlanet
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"Make Your Own Sackboy" Contest Announced for LittleBigPlanet

Maybe a few of you have heard of LittleBigPlanet. We've covered the game quite a few times, and the game looks like a unique take on the idea of co-op. The game's all about customization and building things as a team, so it's unsurprising that Media Molecule (the dev team behind LBP) is doing all it can to get the fans involved. This time, they're holding a contest to create a skin for SackBoy, the main character of LittleBigPlanet.

Media Molecule says that they are picking three winners, one from North America, one from Europe, and one from Japan. In other good news, the winning designs will be free to download on PSN. Designing your own outfit looks fairly straightforward, since Media Molecule has a template that you can download. As Media Molecule says:

All you have to do is download the SackBoy template below, open it in an image editor - such as Paint, Photoshop or Paintshop Pro - and draw on your costume design.  Or even print it out, hand draw/color your costume, then scan it.

This looks pretty cool, and it's always good to get your fans involved. Anyone else interested by LittleBigPlanet?