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Warhawk 2 In the Works
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Warhawk 2 In the Works

Warhawk 2 was recently seen at a super secret SCEA event. JustPushStart.com claims that select players of the PS3 launch title were invited to play, and no cameras were allowed.  This story may sound like a crappy April Fool's joke, but the story has had a week to marinate, and no one has denied it, yet.  Co-op play has been listed among the games features, and there is reportedly and actual story mode.  You can read more features after the break.  Right now, Warhawk 2 is rumored to hit the PS3 in 2012.  

  • It will feature a story mode
  • Has Co-op support
  • Initially the game will support 32 players online
  • Multiplayer will feature 25 maps
  • The game will contain military vehicles (ex: tanks, motorcycles, air-crafts)
  • Bunkers can be built for yourself, but are able to be destroyed by the enemy
  • Improvements have been implemented for the combat system and camera angles
  • The graphics have received a boost as well

Source: Justpushstart.com