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  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
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Hoard Launches on PC Without Local Co-Op, Online Only
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Hoard Launches on PC Without Local Co-Op, Online Only

The previously exclusive PSN title Hoard has launched today via Steam - and fans of the game may have noticed something suspiciously missing from their game - namely local co-op.  While the PSN version of the game supported both local and online play, including local with online players at the same time, the PC version of the game shipped with online only support for four player online co-op.

The official Hoard forums have a thread detailing the issue, with the team chiming in to say local co-op was never planned to be supported at launch.  As of now there are no plans to add it, but multiple team members have chimed in to say there is a potential to add it.  One developer, who goes by username Fronominal, said that "...if it is something a lot of people want we will consider adding it in."  

Right now the topic has 33 posts and about 1500 reads.  If you'd like to voice your request for local co-op on the PC version of Hoard, we suggest you head over there.

We reviewed the PSN version of Hoard back in December and found the co-op a bit lacking, but the game overall is a lot of fun.