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Centipede Infestation Coming To Wii and 3DS
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Centipede Infestation Coming To Wii and 3DS

Retro remakes are all the rage these days, and that is good news for classic arcade fans like me.  One of the most beloved arcade games of the Golden Age is Centipede, the manic bug zapping shooter with crazy colors and intense sound effects.  Co-op, sadly, was lacking, though it did turn up in Centipede II (which was little more than a prototype, unfortunately).  This fall, a new game in the series, Centipede Infestation, is coming your way, and this time, you can bring a friend along for the experience.

Touted as a run and gun shooter blended with tower defense elements, Centipede Infestation is set twelve years after a nuclear war.  Max, a bug fighter, is tasked with protecting Molly, a fellow teen who may be the key to bringing plant life back to the wasteland.  Two players can team up via local co-op on the Wii, and through ad-hoc co-op on the 3DS.  Check out the announcement trailer for a glimpse of the buggy, post-apocalyptic future.