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Dark Souls

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Dark Souls + Big Monsters = Plenty 'o' Death
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Dark Souls + Big Monsters = Plenty 'o' Death

Giant scary gorilla thing - I choose you!

It took some convincing, but after seeing the latest trailer, I now believe that Dark Souls is a true follow up to the Playstation 3 exclusive Demon Souls.  Director of both games, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has claimed that the sequel will be even tougher than the original, but to be this tough would involve infusing each copy of the game with a combination of diamond and tungsten - a costly pursuit.

That or filling the game with giant enemies that will crush your puny hero over and over again, so that even his ghost will be scared to come back.  Check out the brand new trailer for the game to discover if the monsters on offer are scary enough for you.  I for one will be checking under my bed before I sleep - mainly to see if a copy of Dark Souls is in my house when it is released in early October 2011.