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Raptr Launches New Website with Customized News Feeds
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Raptr Launches New Website with Customized News Feeds

I'm personally a big fan of Raptr, the online service that tracks your gameplay habbits and unifies your friends across platforms.  I not only use the website but its IM client.  So when we were approached by them to be a launch partner for their new website which features gaming news, we were very excited.  Today Raptr has launched that site for all the world to see.  The idea is simple - provide customized news feeds for gamers based on what you are already playing. 

So why is Co-Optimus involved?

Simple - we want our news, reviews and editorials to be available to Raptr users!  The way it works is similar to sites like Digg, where users submit content links and then items get "voted up."  The difference is that each user's news feed is different.  You can also view news by games simply by visiting that game's page on Raptr.  The more Co-Optimus content on Raptr, the larger both communities can grow.

So what can you do?

Submit your favorite Co-Optimus stories to Raptr and make sure you tag it with the topic "Co-Optimus" - that way it'll go to our own topic page on the site.  While you are at it...you can follow our topic page on Raptr too!

To learn more about the new features of Raptr head on over to their blog post explaining in detail all of the changes.