Saints Row 2

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 2 Players
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Saints Row 2 Co-op Hands-on and Banter
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Saints Row 2 Co-op Hands-on and Banter

How did we miss this? Blame IGN's new layout, but an impromptu-style article showcasing a hands-on co-op experience has slipped through the cracks. Luckily, Co-optimus is here to crawl under the floorboards to bring the overlooked snippets to your attention.

Two typists for IGN Australia have posted their impressions in the style of a conversation, and the result is fun banter...even though it's lacking somewhat in the New Information department.

The last line of the two-page article is by far my favorite:


One thing is definitely certain -- if you're going to play through this game, you've got to do it in co-op.


More choice quotes after the jump link.



[O]nline and LAN co-op play through the single player story has been introduced, which should definitely make the series' over the top antics that much more fun. Patch and I have just put that theory to the test; we've spent a bunch of hours playing the game in co-op, and this is definitely going to be the way to play it.



Post-GTA IV, open world action games really need a major point-of-difference to stand out. This time, as Cam rightly mentioned, it's co-operative play in the single-player storyline.



[T]humbs up for character creation. Pity that both our characters weren't incorporated into the cutscenes -- I definitely could have done with more original odd couple close-ups.



Wandering into a convenience store to buy some blunts and 40s, only one player could access the menu system at a time. Frustratingly, when you're dressing your character, it can take a fair while to go through all the options and unfortunately your co-op buddy basically has to stand around and wait for his turn.

In co-op mode, either player can start a mission -- you simply walk into the symbol and invite your buddy into the mission...



[W]hile there were plenty of moments where we were either shaking our heads at something in frustration or reeling from yet another lowest-common-denominator moment, there were just as many where we were hooting with laughter or screaming at each other across the office after something cool happened.


There -- I've spoiled the whole article for you.

Just kidding; please go check out the rest of the piece, which covers a little bit of mission structure, visuals, and even several specific bugs.

Be warned, though: there are a couple of graphic descriptive moments which will make your stomach turn. Say what you will about IGN, Australians, and game news bloggers; they sure know how to bring to life what probably should be forgotten...