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Gunstringer Dev Blog Taunts Hardcore Gamers
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Gunstringer Dev Blog Taunts Hardcore Gamers

Still has a sissy mode.

The Gunstringer's coming, and he's bringing a hellacious Hardcore Mode with him.  Fresh from the Twisted Pixel blog, game designer Dan Teasdale has a challenge for all the hardcore gamers out there.  (Never mind that  most hardcore gamers would rather gnaw their own thumbs off than play a Kinect game.)   Mr. Teasdale first and foremost reminds us that the game is meant to be enjoyed by everyone.  There's even a No-Fail-Mode, so  if you want to co-op with your dog, go ahead.  But if you're made of sterner stuff, he's got a mode (and a 50 point achievement) for you.  

In the Gunstringer's Hardcore Mode, enemies will shoot more bullets at you.  At least three times as many bullets.  And just to make sure you get the point, they'll shoot them faster.  There will be more boulders to dodge and more traps to trip.  You'll take double damage, and when your health's gone, it's gone.  No Healing Factor for you!  To earn the "Strings of Steel" achievement you'll need to beat every mission in one session, in Hardcore Mode, without dying.  Teasdale calls it "the meanest Kinect experience ever committed to disc."  If that's too hardcore for you, you can always go slice some fruit with your grandma.  The Gunstringer is exclusively for the Xbox 360 Kinect.  It features two player local co-op and will be out on September 13th.