Birds of Steel

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Chocks Away with the new Birds of Steel Website and Screens
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Chocks Away with the new Birds of Steel Website and Screens

Konami have launched the new Birds of Steel website and some new screen shots of the game

Wotwot, By Jove and Tally Ho!  It is so rare nowadays that I get to trot out my Gentlemen English.  The type of language that our brave boys used to use when flying in the Great Wars; a cigarette in one hand, a glass of sherry in the other and still enough skill to shoot down the enemy using only their thighs to steer.  You can relive this experience in the upcoming Birds of Steel.  A new website has launched for the game, along with some new screenshots.

Birds of Steel is a flight sim that covers many of the best known aerial battles of the Second World War; Midway, Pearl Harbour, the Ruhr Valley.  There are over 100 planes to fly, some of which can be seen in the new images released to celebrate the launch of the website.  There will be co-op missions on offer, but any new details have not been forthcoming.  

To while away the hours until the some solid co-op information flies our way, why not don a pair of aviator goggles and ride your family pet around the room as if it were a plane? (Co-Optimus does not take any responsibility for squashed pets).