Watch out, Konami and Hack-and-Slash XBLA Titles Half Off This Week
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Watch out, Konami and Hack-and-Slash XBLA Titles Half Off This Week

Lots of downloadable co-op deals to be had

While several notable Xbox Live Arcade games launched during February's Must Have Games 2012 promotion, actual XBLA deals were less than exciting. Now that March has come along, Microsoft is really kicking things into gear with not one, but two big sales this week (and that's on top of the month-long ilomilo sale). All told, 10 downloadable games featuring co-op are on sale for half-off this week, including Konami hits X-Men Arcade, Hard Corps: Uprising, and Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. We've compiled a list complete with co-op details to make your purchasing decisions easier.

All game titles in these lists link to their Marketplace pages.

Hack and Slash Sale - Open to Gold members only

Konami 50% Off Sale - Open to all

Family Gold Pack Deal - Open to Gold members only

  • ilomilo - 2 player local co-op - 400 Points

The Hack and Slash and Konami sales run through Monday, March 19, while ilomilo is on sale for the rest of the month. Also note that Konami's single-player Choplifter HD (which we reviewed for Beyond Co-Op) has permanently dropped to 800 Points - a more palatable price for the challenging retro remake.

See any games you want, dear readers?



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