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Peter Molyneux Thinks Skryim Should Have Co-Op
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Peter Molyneux Thinks Skryim Should Have Co-Op

There's sort of an inside joke as it were around Co-Optimus HQ about how every game should have co-op in it.  Of course that's said with a healthy dose of sarcasm, but we do believe there are certain experiences that could and should be shared with others in cooperative form.  For some of our staff and community, Skyrim, would be one of those games.  It sounds like former Lionhead boss and Fable creator Peter Molyneux agrees.

You put out a video a while ago that featured your son Lucas petitioning Valve for Half Life 3. Is he a gamer, and do you play together?

Absolutely, yes we do. We play together all the time. We play a lot of Minecraft together, and we’re currently playing Skyrim. Although I have to beat up those people for not making it co-op. That’s ridiculous, for God’s sake.

It's pretty intresting to hear those words coming out of a designer and developer's mouth and not just from forum comments speaking up.  It puts some brevity behind the cause.  Viva la co-op!