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Gears of War Launch Contest Day 2: Community Updates and Intro Trailer
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Gears of War Launch Contest Day 2: Community Updates and Intro Trailer

It's day 2 of our Gears of War launch giveaway.  That means there are 3 more COG tags hidden around Co-Optimus.com in Gears of War related articles and content.   That means there's a total of 6 COG tags hidden around the website. 

Looking for details of the contest?  Hit up this link.

We aren't the only site on the block having Gears of War promotions.  Below is a list of some other great community sites that are having contests and coverage of the launch.


·         GamerTag Radio: GTR is having live coverage of their local midnight events in Miami!

·         SFX360: These guys teamed up with their local Best Buy to have a big release party at midnight!

·         BreakingTheGame: They’ll have reporters in Seattle and Los Angeles covering midnight events!

·         XBLRadio: They’ll be at their local Play-N-Trade in South Carolina covering the midnight festivities!

·         Pwned.com: The guys at Pwned are doing a weekend launch community play event and giving away the Gears 2 swag they picked up at E for All.

·         360Voice: Voice is having a special launch weekend contest, as well as a follow-up contest to support Gears 2 on its second weekend.

·         TheMarriedGamers.com: These guys have a full weekend of Gears 2 love planned, including community play nights, live podcasts, and more.


Also....with only 2 days to go till launch, the folks at Epic have released the game's opening cinematic trailer.  There's something really unique about it thought, curious?  Read on.

The 2 minute trailer tells the story of the great war between the humans and the locusts, but there's a twist. About halfway through you'll come to a shocking realization.

The intro is actually from the Locust perspective. Very interesting.