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PayDay: The Heist Gets A Free Update
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PayDay: The Heist Gets A Free Update

Now with PIPO and harder difficulty

PAYDAY: The Heist players were given an Easter present this past weekend with a huge update that adds a higher difficulty setting to the game, new achievements and weapons, as well as drop in-drop out capabilities. Grab your mask, guns, and three friends who want to reinact Heat and check out the full update details. 

For those of you unfamiliar with PAYDAY: The Heist, go read our review. The Coles' Notes version of the four player co-op shooter reads like this: You take the role of a hardened criminal where you need to carry out a heist. There is a series of objectives to each heist, and it takes a ton of teamwork to pull it off smoothly. Think Left 4 Dead, but instead of shooting zombies you are shooting cops and taking civilians hostage so your team can get the money and get out alive. 

The update is for both PS3 and PC versions of the game. The main addition is the Overkill difficulty setting. Players that have already reached level 145 will have access to new achivements, weapons and don't forget the extra masks that have been added as well. A special golden mask is available to players who finish all heists on Overkill mode.  

What gets the Co-Optimus crew excited is the very handy update feature that allows your criminal friends to join in mid heist. What we like to call Drop-In, Drop-Out 'round these parts is a welcome addition to any co-op game and makes the experience nice and smooth. If the AI team members are not pulling their weight, message a buddy and get them to hop in your game and GET TO THE VAN!  

Here is the full update list: 

  • Masks of Disguise: Presidential masks are ava now available to those players that have reached level 145. Players can grab a Golden mask when all heists are completed on OVERKILL 145+. BEEEF masks have also been added to the game, and can be picked up in the lobby.
  • DROP-IN: With the added in-game drop-in ability, players can set the server to allow for others to join the game mid-heist. Players can also filter players by setting server reputation and difficulty requirements.
  • OVERKILL 145+: Players that have reached level 145 can now play on a new difficulty called OVERKILL 145+, which opens up the possibility for new events and achievements. It also unlocks new weapons, such as the crowbar to open doors, as well as leaderboards.
  • SWAT Tactics: The SWAT captain has trained a slew of new recruits, resulting in challenging new tactics and counter measures for players to face on each of the heists.
  • Sweet Moves: Players can check out new weapon animations for the Shotgun. Law enforcers now move more tactically than ever before. Even civilians have new dance animations in the DIAMOND HEIST.
  • Portrait Window Additions: Players can now see the name of the character they are currently playing in the portrait window while in game.
  • Compare Worldwide: PC Players can now view statistics on how many players in the world have completed the different heists on all difficulties through the "SELECT HEIST" menu.
  • Expanding Field of View (FoV): PC Players can now choose what FoV they want to use ranging from 60 to 100 through the advanced graphics menu.
  • DIAMOND HEIST Music: For PC players, as a token of appreciation to the community, 200 of the most dedicated career criminals' nicknames have been immortalized in-game. The DJ has added a new music track, doing shout-outs to 200 players in the community.

There you have it, the slew of PAYDAY updates that both hardcore heisters and weekend criminals can enjoy. Be sure to check out announcements coming from the game's official website for more information.