PAYDAY: The Heist

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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PAYDAY 2 In Development by Starbreeze
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PAYDAY 2 In Development by Starbreeze

Syndicate and Riddick devs try their hand at robing banks.

Creepy clown masks are all the rage these days.  So much so it looks like a sequel is in the works for PAYDAY: The Heist.  The original game was developed by Overkill Software who was then acquired by Starbreeze shortly afterwards.  While we don't know of any changes on the surface for the studio, having the Starbreeze influence, who most recently developed Syndicate, could make for some welcome changes to the series.  We last heard about the sequel in April, but not much has been said since then.

There's no other details about the game other than it'll be a digital download again and published by 505 Games sometime in 2013.  With 505 behind it as the publisher we may see an Xbox version this time around; the first game only saw release on PC and PSN because of involvement from SOE.