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PSA for the PSN: Down for Scheduled Maintenance
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PSA for the PSN: Down for Scheduled Maintenance

Everybody stay calm! You may have noticed that you're having difficulty logging into the PlayStation Network today. Online gaming, the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, and the ability to access and manage your accounts are all offline. This is part of scheduled maintenance. Obviously, online co-op has been disabled for all of you favorite PlayStation 3, PSN, and Vita games. How long will the system be down?

Thirteen hours. That's a lot of maintenance! The intended outage began at  9:00 AM EST, and is expected to continue until 10:00 PM EST. The downtime is global, so add or subtract your time zone accordingly. Don't panic. Everything's going to be alright. That's what the main character always say to the proverbial red shirt/slutty couple/zombie fodder/Sean Bean in times of crisis, right?

FYI, we are almost upon the one year anniversary of a catastrophic PSN "external intrusion" which disabled the network for 24 days and may have compromised 77 million user accounts, costing Sony anywhere between $170 million to all the bacon and eggs they have. Why would they schedule a half day maintenance outage so close to the anniversary of one of their biggest PR disasters?  I have no idea. Maybe they're doing a little "preventative maintenance." All I know is I just lost 13 hours of Demon's Souls, and those are becoming few and final, so I'm a sad panda.

What co-op games are you missing out on, PS3 users?


Source: Blog.us.playstation.com