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Gamefly Videogame Rentals Now Starting at $5.95
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Gamefly Videogame Rentals Now Starting at $5.95

The problem when it comes to the Fall gaming season is there's just too many good game to buy.  That's when many gamers turn to pre-owned titles or rental services like Gamefly.  Gamefly is the oldest and most popular of these with many of our Co-Optimus members satisfied with their service.  

To entice new customers further they've launched their most agressive pricing campaign - starting the first month at only $5.95 for one rental out at a time or $9.95 for two rentals out.  After the first month you'll then pay $15.95 for one or $22.95 for two out at a time.  When you think about the cost of a single game at $60, $16 a month could be quite the worthy investment.  If anything this can help those single households of co-op gamers that sometimes need to buy two copies of a game because of the lack of couch co-op support in their favorite title.  

Using this link to sign up also benefits Co-Optimus!