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PixelJunk 4am Coming to the PSN This May
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PixelJunk 4am Coming to the PSN This May

PixelJunk 4am, Sony's new motion controlled music game, is coming to the PSN next month. Players will use a Move controller to pull musical tracks into their song and use a range of motions to manipulate the music. The game supports two player local co-op, or more accurately, two Move motion controllers. A single selfish maestro can dual wield two Move controllers if they want to get all John Woo with their music. 

4am boasts 160 song samples which players can then modify with additional effects. Different instruments are mapped to the Move face buttons. The music viewer that comes with the game will also work with your other PS3 music. 

I am not musically inclined. I can flick the feeble strum bar on a plastic guitar with the best of them, but if you ask me to sing or dance, let's just say... I won't. I have a hard time grasping the 4am concept. Luckily, Rowan Parker, the game's lead designer, takes us through the process in this convenient video. Check it out as he feels the music.

PixelJunk 4am supports two player local co-op.  It will launch on May 15th for the PSN. A live beta will be available to select PlayStation Plus members beginning on May 1st. Check out the PlayStationBlog source link for more information.

Source: Blog.us.playstation.com