PixelJunk 4am

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
PixelJunk 4am Brings the Tunes, You Bring the Party
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PixelJunk 4am Brings the Tunes, You Bring the Party

The Tokyo Game Show is in full effect, and the weird keeps on coming.  Do you want to touch the music, but don't fell like risking community service/a moderate fine/jail time/a third strike?  Are clubs not your thing because everyone is soooo damn sweaty and disgusting?  Well rejoice!  Spin your little glow sticks and douse yourself in invisible paint!  Now you can be your very own DJ with PixelJunk 4am and the PlayStation Move.  

Don't believe me?  You'll use your PlayStation Move controller to manipulate the sounds, all while watching a trippy color display.  Two player local co-op is supported.  Check out the video and taste the sound rainbow!

The game was originally called PixelJunk Lifelike, but the makers obviously thought "LifeLike" didn't have enough drug innuendo.  It's like they wrote down PixelJunk 420, then hastily scrawled 'am' over the 20.  If you want more music for your mojo check out this pair of videos from Colony of Gamers' E3 coverage.  There's even a interactive website where you can let your mouse do the groovn'.  No release date has been given, but we'll be sure to keep you posted.

Source: Colonyofgamers.com