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Next Month's Game Informer Features New Gears of War
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Next Month's Game Informer Features New Gears of War

I was just going to type "hype" ten times, then "Gears of War," then "hype" ten more times, because that's all that's really needed here. Next month's Game Informer cover was teased today. It's a Gears of War game, so therefore 75% of Xbox 360 owners will feel obligated to purchase it. I know will. Hell, I'll buy whatever version comes with a giant plastic Lancer. I'm obsessed with the things.

Since every Gears game has had co-op, it's a safe bet that the new title will follow suit. There has already been a ton of speculation across the webs and Twitterverse. Who is that in chains? Is it a prequel? Is Princess Leia one of the the masked COGs? Are the COG guards children? Seriously, why is the prisoner so tall? How will the Kinect crash this party? Is this Gears of War Exile? Feel free to add your two cents to the comments section. I'm sure a tiny fraction of our questions will be answered at next week's E3.

Source: Gameinformer.com