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Details about the WoW Classic launch, a BDO PS4 update, and anniversary events for Champions Online

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CIII: Anniversaries and New Ways to Play

The first hints of Fall have begun to arrive in these early September days. Fall is a special season for MMOs, as historically many have launched during this season, meaning that a lot of anniversaries for MMOs occur around now. This month on MMO Co-Opportunities, we take a look at two anniversary-related events (the launch of the WoW Classic serve...

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I hope you like hunting demons!

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume LXIX - WoW Legion

For this installment of MMO Co-Opportunities, I'm hijacking Tally's column to talk about World of Warcraft - Legion. Sorry about that! I haven't seriously played WoW since the Cataclysm days, though I did dip my toes into Mists of Pandaria. I also played around with the Warlords of Draenor content in the weeks leading up to Legion's launch, and a lot has changed. Considering many people who have lapsed on WoW seem to be interested in Legion, I'm going to briefly talk about some things that have changed in recent years before I get to what's completely new.

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New year, same news... well, maybe

Beyond Co-Op - December 29th through January 4th, 2014

Welcome to 2014 and the latest edition of Beyond Co-Op, our week's end news piece that accumulates a few of the more interesting non co-op stories from the past several days. With the end of 2013, there were a lot of "best of" lists and "what to expect for gaming in 2014" going around. Once you get past those, however, there were a couple pieces of note, like a piece of malware stealing WoW players' account information and a new Ace Attorney game in the works.

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  • pc Accounts Compromised, Change Your Password ASAP

Blizzard have released a special statement regarding all accounts stating that there was some sort of hack or "unauthorized illegal access" to a large quantity of US accounts.  According to Blizzard no credit card or billing address information was obtained, but email addresses, encrypted passwords, and security questions were all stolen.  While the chance of the information actually being utilized is slim, Blizzard recommends you change your password immediately. 

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E3 2012: SteelSeries Loads Up On Licensed Products

SteelSeries, makers of gaming peripherals, came out swinging at E3 2012 this year with five product announcements all centered around partnerships with groups and games within the industry.  We got some eyes on time with all of them at the show and there's definitely a commitment to quality and detail here.  Let's look at what's available.

by Andrew Gaskill 2
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The News that Matters From Blizzcon 2011: A Console Gamer in a PC Land

Full disclosure: I am not a Blizzard fanboy.  There, I said it.  Wait, don't freak out!  I'm not a Blizzard hater, either.  I've played through Diablo and some of the sequel.  I dabbled in WarCraft before there was a "World of."  I Zerg rushed with the worst of them in StarCraft.  I did all of that and more - a decade ago.  I have never owned a gaming PC, ever.  I mooched accessed Blizzard titles through a steady stream of college friends and roommates back in the late 90's and early 00's.  Once I moved on I never looked back.  Somehow, I found myself at Blizzcon 2011 last Friday.  There were sights, there were sounds, there were many announcements, and not so much as a whisper of StarCraft: Ghost.

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Blizzcon 2011 in Pictures

Hey there!  Blizzcon 2011 is in full swing, and Co-Optimus was awesome enough to let me cover it.  Now, I'm not what you would call a "Blizzard Expert," or even a "PC gamer," but I can take a damn fine grainy photo or two!  Feast your eyes on some of the sights of Blizzcon 2011!  Blizzard out did themselves this year, with several gigantic bad-ass character statues.  I also took a trip through their art gallery, as well as captured some of the tournaments, panels, and presentations in action.  We'll have more news from Blizzcon for you soon!

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World of Warcraft Goes Free to Play...Till Level 20

In a surprise move today, Blizzard has dropped the previous 10 and 14-day trial time restrictions on World of Warcraft.  Players interested in trying out the co-op friendly MMORPG can now play the base game for free up to a maximum character level of 20, including draenei and blood elf characters.   The only requirement is you have a account and an Internet connection.

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