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E3 2012: Hawken Interviews
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E3 2012: Hawken Interviews

Get Ready For a Hawken Good Time in Your Mech

On Tuesday night of E3 2012 we were able to attend a party where the Hawken developers were showing off the current build of their fast paced mech game. Now Hawken does not contain any co-op...yet, but the game was so damn impressive we wanted to report on it. 

We got a chance to talk to one of the co-founders of Adhesive Games, Chris Lalli. He takes us through a general overview of Hawken, the style of gameplay, the number of players, and the process they went through to become free to play.  He even talks co-op.  Check out the video below: 

Further into the night we were also able to have a chat with Mark Long from Meteor Entertainment who was more than happy to talk about how awesome Hawken is and what it is bringing to the table. We all got a chance to play it and we were all very impressed with the mech combat that it offers. Check out the interview with Mark below:

Thanks again to both Adhesive Games and Meteor Entertainment for having us at their event and letting us check out the game. Remember to get your email in on their website to sign up for the open beta coming out 12.12.12.