Outland and Journey may be Hitting the Streets - Retail Style
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Outland and Journey may be Hitting the Streets - Retail Style

The download titles Outland and Journey may be winging there way to shop shelves


Download only games are well and good, but not everybody likes to buy something they can't trade in.  Thatgamecompany and Ubisoft have independently come up with the same idea; to bundle up some of their most popular download games and sell them in shops.

This means that even broadband meanies will be able to get their hands on the excellent Journey and Outland.  The most likely of these two games to make it to retail is Outland, as an Amazon UK have revealed a price of £17.99 and a release date of 22nd September in the UK.  The pack will also contain Beyond Good and Evil and From Dust, two top XBLA games.  There is no reason why this set won't be coming to the US, so keeps those eyes peeled.

A more dubious rumor comes in the form of The Journey Compilation.  As there is no Journey DLC, it is most likely the game will be bundled together with the two other PS3 exclusive titles from thatgamecompany; fl0w and Flower.  This compilation rumor was discovered in the form of a tweet linking to a webpage that is now gone - dodgy!

With one compilation looking very likely, and the other not so, is there a place for download games on disc, especially for online co-op?  If you are unable to download Journey or Outland you won't be able to play the online co-op - a Catch 22.




Source: Amazon.co.uk

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