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The GameDaily HUD - Let's Start a Fire Edition
News by 4

The GameDaily HUD - Let's Start a Fire Edition

The HUD is back with another set of 4 hard hitting questions asked to the most awesomest of awesome games journalists.  

  1. OK, secret's out. Not every journalist beats the games he or she reviews. Do you and your staff finish all these games, and if not, at what point do you stop playing and review them?
  2. EGM's December issue features a Watchmen cover with the subhead "The explosive first look at the all-new Watchmen prequel". First, what are your thoughts on "explosive first looks", and what other ridiculous words do journalists overuse?
  3.  Some publishers can't catch a break. They always release crap. Which ones do you feel bad for and why?
  4. Shigeru Miyamoto receives applause for almost everything he says and does. Putting aside our collective crush for the guy, what are some hard hitting questions you'd love to ask, and what do you consider his biggest failures?


So kind denizens of Co-Optimus, if you were asked any of these questions how would you answer?

Source: Gamedaily.com