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CCV Blog Wrap-up for July 2012
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CCV Blog Wrap-up for July 2012

Your co-op crews rock!

Ever since I joined Co-Optimus back in '09, I've always been amazed at how genuine and nice everyone is here. This community is by far the best online community I've been a part of. This month's Co-Optimus Community Voice topic brought out the best of us. We asked "Who's In Your Crew?" and there were some excellent responses. 

Zonf86 tells us about his history from playing Sega Megadrive with his brother, to Team Rainbow Friends...

So lets get to it, first and foremost my main co-op crew consists of handsome Co-Optimus staff member - Sam 'Samoza' Tyler. We have played/play pretty much every game with co-op campaigns: ranging from the awful, but fun, Damnation, to the truly sublime and quintessential Gears of War series. You name it, we've probably played it.

If Co-Optimus had a beauty contest, Sam would most definitely take first. Though I think Nick would look really beautiful with a tiara on his head.

Biohzrd451 has his wife, plus six awesome community members...

1. MissLaceyT - My wife and what can I say she is one heck of a gamer when it  comes to Left 4 Dead. She isn't always the damsel in distress... well unless everyone else is down and she is left fighting the Tank, but even then I have seen her pull it together to get us the win. I count myself lucky to have her by my side in almost any co-op situation.

Almost any co-op situation, huh? *wink*

Justabaldguy dropped a huge list of his co-op partners, a few of which, go beyond gaming...

My "go to" crew is short: SWAT Wombat and Darth Lupus. I've known these guys for a while and they're great. SWAT knows a lot of good games and is simply amazing as a partner. Since I'm kinda bossy, it helps that he's real relaxed. He knows how to approach any game, and most importantly we have similar tastes in games, so chances are I'll always have him to play a game with. I can't count how many games we've finished or played together. Plus we like to talk about movies and everything else while gaming. SWAT is a true friend outside of gaming as well. Though we've never met, he'll call me on the phone and listen to my problems. He is awesome.

And people think gaming is a bad influence... I've built several friendships through gaming and they're the best. I've met some of the nicest people here and it sounds like several of you have as well. You did a great job in July, and I'll have this month's topic up soon. If you have any ideas for future CCV topics, feel free to shoot me an email or PM on the forums.