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They're coming, but what are they?

CCV: Next Gen Console Predictions

For February's Co-Optimus Community Voice, we want to hear what you have to say about all the console hubbub. What do you think about all the rumors circulating the web? What about your predictions? What will the consoles be named and what features/specs are we going to see? What features will help advance co-op gaming? Which console will be the most co-op friendly?

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Show us what you've created in-game

Co-Optimus Community Voice for Sept 2012 - Check Out My Creation

For September's Co-Optimus Community Voice, we want to see your in-game creations. Fire up your blog, start your blog post's title with "CCV", and tell us all about your creations. It doesn't necessarily have to be from Minecraft, or even a co-op game, but a co-op tie-in is always a plus. Snap screenshots, record a video, and throw down a few paragraphs describing your creations. Tell us about all the effort you put into it, and who helped you.

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Everyone has their go-to co-op partner or crew. Tell us about yours!

Co-Optimus Community Voice for July 2012 - Who's in Your Crew?

Most people, myself included, have a group of friends who really click and spend the most game time together. I like to call this group "my crew" because, well, they're by my side through thick and thin. They're the guys or gals that churn fun times out of terrible games, and create smiling-so-hard-your-cheeks-hurt moments out of great games.

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CCV Blog Wrap-up for April 2012

Well, it's been a slow month for user blogs, but where our community lacks in quantity, they make up in quality. This month in Co-Optimus Community Voice, we asked the community what they thought about Kickstarter projects and their viral popularity these past two months. Only one community member was brave enough to answer the call.

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What's your take on the abundance of Kickstarter-funded games?

Co-Optimus Community Voice for April 2012 - Kickstart This!

For April's Co-Optimus Community Voice, we want to know what you think of Kickstarter as a means to fund games. Are you enjoying the studio tour after donating your kid's entire college fund? Is evil lurking in the shadows? Fire up your blog and tell us what you think. Well written posts will be featured on the front page throughout the month, so make sure you use correct spelling and grammar. Images or videos are always a plus. Don't forget to start your title with "CCV" so we don't miss it.

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Say "NO" to next-gen.

CCV Blog Wrap-up for March 2012

This month in Co-Optimus Communtiy Voice, we asked if you're ready for the next-gen consoles that are rumored to be right around the corner. The Co-Optimus Community hath spoken. We don't want new consoles. While Sony and Microsoft have made it clear that we won't see them this year, the rumors keep flowing, and we know they are hard at work developing the next iteration of our favorite consoles. They are coming, it is inevitable. Resistance is futile. Well, ok, maybe the situation isn't quite as dire as an approaching Borg cube. We can always hold off on buying that new, shiny, co-op joy-in-a-box, right? Some of us can. Let's hear from a CCV veteran.

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Next-Gen is coming, but some say we don't need 'em

CCV: Are We Ready for Next-Gen Consoles?

The Wii U is on its way, and rumors about Xbox 720 and PS4 continue to crawl out of the woodwork. Everyone is offering guesses as to when Microsoft and Sony will announce their next consoles. Some say we'll hear announcements at E3 and they'll hit the market this holiday season. Others are saying that's way too soon. The next generation of game consoles is inevitable, but when will it arrive?

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